What Are Different Forms of Online Advertising?

Digital Marketing is a fastest growing industry. With the passage of time and technological advancement, new methods keep popping up. With internet as a biggest platform for advertisement, it has become the easiest method of reaching out to people. Earlier, digital marketing would mean just filling up a website with annoying banners. People would mostly skip it and only a few among thousand would click it. These advertisements themselves were unattractive and unreliable. Now, digital marketing has taken a much more subtler and intelligent route.

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How can one understand Digital Marketing?

The public knows the basic forms of digital marketing. They see it every day whenever they surf the web. But there are much more elaborate techniques that the general public doesn’t notice. These are taught in detail by institutions dedicated to these theories. With around 500 million internet users, India is full of career opportunities. Nowadays, digital marketing professional course run in making of skilful professionals are growing gradually. The online marketing course teach various forms of digital marketing and its key aspects.

What are the various forms of Digital Marketing?

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most used form of marketing on the internet. This method utilizes high quality content with focused keywords, so that, it may be listed higher in the search results. This promotes visibility and increases traffic on the website. Thus, more people are aware of the business and more customers are available. Being organic, this is also the most cost effective and provides higher Return on Investment (ROI).

2. Social Media Ads are next to SEO. Almost every internet userin the world is on social media. People are constantly interacting with each other and there is a tremendous amount of exchange of data. So, using advertisements on the page gets the public to notice a business easily. New products are displayed everyday and among the billions of people, many are bound to be interested in it. This method is both free and paid depending on the scheme chosen by the company.

3. Native Listings is another method. This are those sponsored ads that you find at the end of a blog. These are designed in such a way that it seems to be the part of the website.

4. Pop-up Ad is an old method of Digital Marketing that still can be learnt through a digital marketing professional course. This appears automatically or when the user clicks something. Though, they are normally considered irritating.

5. Interstitial Ad is that which loads on the same window and then reverts to the page the user requested. This normally acts as a bridge between the page the user wants and the page he is on.

6. Video Ads is the video you watch before the video you requested starts. This method is similar to Interstitial Ads.
All of these things are common when one surfs internet. Even if 1% of the entire population on the internet is swayed by this every day, it is profitable by a huge margin. Thus, so much time, energy, and intelligence are dedicated to teach these methods. This is why even business giants employ digital marketing, as an effective marketing tool.

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