Indian Wedding Traditions Nourishes The Bonds Of Matrimony

We have noticed it in the films – the bridesmaids, the white dress, bouquet tossing- marriage traditions are a huge segment of majority cultures. In few cultures, the history of marriage traditions are forgotten however the clients stay prevalent, whilst in others, the source is as vital as the tradition. There are several cool marriage customs noticed across the globe and each has its particular unique features. In this regard, Indian marriages are famous for their unique and notable features from the colorful outfit to Mehendi. The following are few of the traditional marriage customs that make Indian marriages so special.

  • Misri

Indian marriages conventionally last three days – all functions regarded. The initial of these functions is Misri that takes place a few days prior the actual marriage day. In this function, the marrying couple exchange prayers, gold rings and flower garlands. Conventionally, the bridegroom’s parents give the bride a bunch of presentations and Misri illustrates of sweetness as well.

  • Mehendi

The Mehendi function takes place just a day prior the actual marriage. Only women attend this ceremony in which intricate designs are drawn on their feet and hands with henna. The patterns mean a deep bond amidst the wife and husband. Often, the Mehendi event is integrated with Sagri in that the bridegroom’s female family members get flowers and gifts for the bride.

  • Sangeet party

This ceremony can be organized separately or integrated with the Mehendi function. The celebration incorporates the groom and bride families getting together for dance and song.

  • Haldi function

On the morning of a marriage, the Haldi function is organized. Well, in fact in this tradition, both families make a mix of turmeric, water and oil and apply on the body of the groom and bride. The blend is trusted to play a crucial role in blessing the duo in calming and moisturizing their skin prior the marriage.

Indian Wedding Traditions

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Each culture contributes its specific features to marriage traditions. Knowing about distinct marriage customs from across the globe is a best manner to know the special traditions and lifestyles of other cultures and also to better know your own. Indian Wedding Traditions have several distinct customs so particularly if you think on attending one or else hosting on your own, it is a best idea to attain a good knowing of what to anticipate.

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