Choosing Unique Gifts For Wedding Anniversary

Did you know you can now give personalized gift items for any event or occasion? With the recent advanced in technology you will no longer have to spend hours searching for the best gifts for your loved ones. Personalized gifting is a unique way to gift your family and friends. You can opt for 3D printed personalized gift items. 3D printing is the process of making physical objects form three dimensional digital models. These items are not only great for personal gifting, they also work very well as corporate gift items for business partners, colleagues and employees alike.

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Truly Unique Gifts For Wedding Anniversary

You can make personalised gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, corporate gifting or any other special occasion. Gifts for wedding anniversary like angel wings, message in a bottle, trophies and personalised anniversary piece are very popular nowadays. Can you imaging even a gift like the famous Faberge egg can be redesigned from scratch and 3D printed? Some shops also have a design portfolio from where you can select a design with some modifications if you like or you can go ahead and create your own very special and unique gift.

Personalized Pendant With Your Name

The gift items can be of any shape and there are some limitations on the size. A special 3D printed material is used to make the gifts. The 3D printed materials are nylon, sandstone, plastic and any metal. A variety of finishes are available like smooth surface with slightly granular feel, slightly granular surface, smooth surface, smooth and shiny finish and rough pitted surface. This is the best way to use your creative skills and create a truly special and customized product.

The gifts are packed using standard packaging best suited for shipping globally. You can provide your packaging too. The price of the gift may vary by providers as each piece is custom made from scratch and it is difficult for designers to predict the price before reviewing the specific requirements. Depending on where you want to send the gift shipping charges may also apply. Theses personalised gifts can be ordered online. It usually takes about three weeks to make and deliver the gifts.

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About 3D Printing Technology

3D printing technology has gained immense popularity in recent times. In this process successful layers of material is laid down to create the designed object. 3D printing starts with a design file which is sliced into thin horizontal layers and sent to the 3D printer. The software used is computer aided design (CAD). The 3D printer builds one 2D layer at a time. The 3D printer reads the sliced horizontal layers and layers one on top of the other. This is done until the desired 3D object is formed.

3D printing can be used to make various shapes and implement your ideas in a simple and fast way. What can be made using the technology is indeed boundless and you have to try it to believe it. You can create personalised gifts as never before. There are many shops offering this service.

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